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Arbitration Service

Arbitration Service

Arbitration is the name given to the procedure of resorting to the solution of one or more arbitrators instead of the court in disputes arising from contracts. This alternative dispute resolution method, which is mainly regulated under Articles 407-444 of the Code of Civil Procedure, provides the opportunity to resolve the proceedings faster and by arbitrators who are experts in their fields. 

Not all contractual disputes may be submitted to arbitration. In order to resort to arbitration, the dispute must be arbitrable. For example, while arbitration may be resorted to in commercial disputes, it is not possible to resort to arbitration in family law disputes. 

In order to resort to arbitration, there must be an arbitration agreement between the parties, or an arbitration clause must be included in the contract concluded between the parties. 

Our firm, with its expert staff, provides qualified legal services in preparing arbitration agreements, application to arbitration, and process management. 

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Randevu Talebi