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Commercial Disputes

Commercial Disputes

Due to the nature of commercial life, the interests of companies, commercial enterprises, and the partners of these structures often conflict, and therefore, commercial disputes arise. Commercial disputes may arise between shareholders as well as between companies. Thus, the subject of the commercial dispute may be the shareholders’ claims against each other, as well as the rights and receivables of the companies against each other. 

When a commercial dispute arises, the dispute should be analyzed correctly, and the right solutions that are specific to the dispute should be produced. It is very important to consult lawyers specializing in commercial disputes in such processes. With its expert staff, our firm provides holistic and solution-oriented legal services in all kinds of commercial disputes as a commercial dispute lawyer. 

Some of the Services We Provide in Commercial Disputes: 

  • Mediation for the resolution of contractual disputes between companies and commercial enterprises, 
  • Issuance of cease and desist letters due to disputes between companies and commercial enterprises, 
  • Follow-up of all kinds of debts and receivables between companies and commercial enterprises and execution of litigation processes in this context, 
  • Conducting litigation processes regarding disputes arising from all kinds of contracts, especially purchase and sale, service and work contracts between companies and commercial enterprises, 
  • Carrying out the necessary legal process for the resolution of disputes between companies and commercial enterprises through arbitration, 
  • Resolving disputes between shareholders and between shareholders and the company within the scope of corporate law, structuring the company in this context, and conducting all kinds of litigation processes. 
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Randevu Talebi