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Contract Preparation and Consulting

Contract Preparation and Consulting

Contracts, in the simplest sense, are legal transactions that are established by mutual declarations of will between two or more parties and that put the parties under certain rights and obligations. Contracts are used in many areas, from commercial transactions to the regulation of private life. For example, contracts can be made in many different areas, such as selling goods or services, employment contracts, lease agreements, and marriage contracts. 

Contracts may be concluded verbally or in writing. However, some contracts have a legal requirement of writing. Even if there is no legal formality requirement, the conclusion of contracts in writing is of great importance in terms of commercial relations. 

The importance of concluding contracts in writing can be explained under the following headings: 

  • Determination of the rights and obligations of the parties: Written contracts enable a secure legal process to be carried out, as they determine the rights and obligations of the parties and the consequences of their behavior in writing. 
  • Prevention of disputes: Since the rights and obligations of the parties are clearly defined in a written contract, the likelihood of disputes is reduced. Having a clear agreement on what each party must do prevents disputes from arising. 
  • Use as evidence: A written contract can be used as evidence. In the event of a dispute between the parties, the contract may be used as evidence in court, and the provisions set out in the contract may influence the court’s decision. 
  • Being a legal obligation: It is a legal obligation for some contracts to be in writing. In this case, it is essential to have a written contract in order to create a legally valid contract. 
  • Our company provides the preparation and negotiation processes of all kinds of commercial contracts with its expert team in the field of contract law. 
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