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Corporate Law

Corporate Law

Companies are essential elements of commercial life. These structures are at the center of economic activities worldwide and fulfill many different functions, such as creating new business opportunities, creating employment, ensuring economic growth and social development, and developing technology and innovation. In this respect, strong companies are crucial for countries prioritizing production and development. Strong companies are only possible with a regulated and predictable legal infrastructure. 

In our country, there are many legal regulations regarding companies. The Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102 is the most important of these regulations. With the Turkish Commercial Code, all processes from establishing to liquidating commercial companies are regulated in detail. Companies that want to carry out their commercial activities smoothly are obliged to take actions and transactions in accordance with the law. Companies that are not structured in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code and other legislation may face undesirable consequences in the short, medium, and long term. 

Within the scope of corporate law attorneyship, our firm, with its expert staff, provides legal consultancy and process follow-up services to companies in all processes, from establishment to liquidation. 

Some Services We Provide in the Field of Corporate Law: 

  • Determination of the most appropriate company structure for the companies and then managing the establishment process of the most appropriate company type, especially limited liability and joint stock companies, 
  • In parallel with the establishment of the company, a shareholders’ agreement between the shareholders, 
  • Amendment of the company’s articles of association in light of legal requirements, 
  • Providing legal consultancy to companies in the general assembly and board of directors processes and managing these processes, 
  • Holistic management of mergers, spin-offs, and acquisitions of companies, 
  • Conducting the legal due diligence reporting process (Legal Due Diligence) 
  • Managing the corporate governance structuring processes of companies aiming to institutionalize, 
  • Writing a family constitution for family companies and operating institutionalization processes, 
  • Providing corporate consultancy services to companies, 
  • Managing capital increase and decrease processes, 
  • Execution of share transfer processes of the company’s shareholders, 
  • Resolution of disputes between company shareholders, 
  • Execution of litigation processes regarding the annulment of the decisions of the general assembly and board of directors of the company, 
  • Execution of legal processes for minority shareholders to exercise their rights, 
  • Execution of litigation processes regarding the termination of the joint stock company for just cause, 
  • Execution of the process of dismissal/exclusion of one of the company partners in a limited liability company, 
  • Resolution of all kinds of commercial disputes, especially the collection of company receivables, 
  • Arrangement of all kinds of commercial contracts, 
  • Legal process management on concordat, postponement of bankruptcy and restructuring, 
  • Managing the liquidation processes of companies, 
  • Follow-up of all kinds of litigation processes to be filed in commercial courts. 

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