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Corporate Lawyer – Corporate Consulting

Corporate Lawyer – Corporate Consulting

The main purpose of commercial enterprises and companies is to carry out their activities correctly and to obtain commercial profit. Carrying out the activities correctly includes fulfilling the requirements of the work done and its compliance with the law. Undoubtedly, commercial enterprises and companies should regularly follow the legislation in order to carry out their activities in accordance with the law. Therefore, following the regulations is an essential legal service item for commercial enterprises and companies. A good corporate lawyer should follow the regulations in Turkey for your commercial enterprises and companies. 

Commercial enterprises and companies need to correctly plan the steps they will take in their commercial life. This includes operational and financial planning as well as legal planning. A legally improperly planned business may cause more harm than profit for commercial enterprises and companies at the end of the process. Therefore, legal planning and preparation consultancy is essential for commercial enterprises and companies. A good corporate lawyer should do legal planning for your commercial enterprises and companies pursuant to Turkish law.

It is important, but not always sufficient, for commercial enterprises and companies to properly plan operational, financial, and legal. These plans need to be supported by comprehensively prepared contracts. In our law, not all contracts are subject to the written form requirement. Still, a commercial enterprise and company that works in a planned and programmed manner should provide all commercial and legal relations with written contracts. Therefore, contract preparation, negotiation, and revision are extremely important service items for commercial enterprises and companies. 

Commercial enterprises and companies employ a large number of employees. In this context, commercial enterprises and companies gain the title of “employer” and are under heavy obligations. Commercial enterprises and companies that do not operate in accordance with the Labor Law, other legislation, and jurisprudence may be subject to heavy administrative fines of the SGK and may also have to pay heavy compensation to the workers. Therefore, the provision of consultancy services in the field of labor law is essential for commercial enterprises and companies. 

The legal consultancy needs of commercial enterprises and companies are not limited to those listed above. In order for commercial activities to continue effectively and with minimum surprise, it is indispensable for commercial enterprises and companies to receive preventive legal services. Businesses that ignore their legal needs and sweep the problems under the carpet experience severe regrets in the long run and face serious financial and criminal threats if they do not receive preventive legal/counseling services. For the reasons mentioned above, it is vital for a commercial enterprise to obtain legal counseling. 

With its expert corporate lawyers, the SLC Law Firm provides the preventive legal/consultancy service you need in a holistic manner and supports you in a safe commercial life. 

If you need a expert corporate lawyer in Turkey, you can contact us.

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