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Divorce Lawyers

Divorce Lawyers in Turkey

Divorce is a complex and sensitive process that deeply affects the lives of families. During the divorce process in Turkey, many people need the guidance of professional divorce lawyers to cope with the difficulty and stress of the legal process. Here are the services we offer as divorce lawyers in Istanbul and the importance of a lawyer in this process:

Divorce Lawyers: Essential Guidance and Support

Divorce lawyers not only provide their clients with legal information, but also offer emotional support during this process. A lawyer’s guidance can help clients manage the divorce process in a healthier and more controlled way.

Divorce lawyers

Having the right information during the divorce process is vital for making the right decisions. Divorce lawyers provide legal counseling to their clients, helping them understand the legal rights and options available to them. This enables clients to participate more strongly in the divorce process.

Case Preparation and Representation: Defend Your Rights

Divorce cases often become complex and require effective case preparation and representation to achieve a fair outcome. Experienced divorce lawyers have the knowledge and experience necessary to effectively advocate for their clients’ rights, understand court processes, and achieve results in clients’ favor.

Uncontested Divorce: Fair and Balancing Solutions

Even in uncontested divorce cases, a divorce lawyer’s guidance is essential. Lawyers ensure that the agreement is fair and balanced to protect the clients’ best interests. This can help ensure a favorable compromise between the parties.

One of the most sensitive issues in the divorce process is children’s rights and custody cases. Divorce lawyers provide expertise to protect children’s best interests and establish a proper custody arrangement between parents.

The Service You Need

As a divorce lawyer in Istanbul, as SLC Law Firm, we are proud to be with you in this challenging process with the services we provide our clients with our expert lawyers. We understand the legal dynamics of Turkey, offer legal solutions to our clients, and help them manage the divorce process in the best way possible.

Professional guidance is of great importance in legal processes. At SLC Law Firm, we are here to understand our clients’ divorce processes and strive for fair outcomes.

You can contact us for detailed information regarding your divorce proceedings.

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Our expert team provides services in all areas of law in accordance with the principle of accountability.

As SLC Law Firm, we define ourselves as a law firm that provides high-quality services to its clients on a national and international scale. With our successful, dynamic, and expert staff, we closely follow the developments in our field and represent you devotedly in your legal processes and disputes without compromising professional principles and ethics.

divorce lawyers

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Divorce is a complex and sensitive legal process. A divorce lawyer informs his/her client correctly, protects their rights, manages the court proceedings and helps them reach a fair solution.

An uncontested divorce is a form of divorce in which the parties reach a compromise agreement. Lawyers provide guidance to protect the rights of the parties and create a fair agreement. They help in matters such as preparing documents correctly and following the court process.

The divorce process varies depending on many factors. While uncontested divorce process in Turkey can be finalized in a very short time with the support of a lawyer, contested divorce processes take quite a long time. Factors such as court workload, the duration of the marriage and the presence of children affect the duration.

You can contact SLC Law Firm by phone or e-mail. You can use our contact information to make an appointment and request a one-on-one meeting with our expert divorce lawyers.

Divorce lawyer fees vary depending on the scope, duration, and complexity of the service. As SLC Law Firm, we offer our clients a transparent fee policy and provide services based on the fee schedule published by the Turkish Bar Association every year.

Child custody is determined based on the best interests of the child. The court makes custody decisions based on the parents’ attitudes towards the child, their financial means, and the child’s overall well-being. Divorce lawyers represent their clients in this process in the best possible way.

The financial situation after divorce may vary depending on the property division, alimony, and other financial issues. Divorce lawyers work to ensure a fair financial arrangement by protecting their clients’ rights.