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The number of foreigners living in Turkey has been increasing rapidly in recent years. The main reasons for this increase include economic opportunities, educational opportunities, tourist attractions, and refugee movements. Turkey has become a country that attracts the attention of many foreigners and foreign investments with its geopolitical position and cultural richness. The increase in foreign investments also increases the need for foreign investment law firm.

The increasing foreign population further increases the importance of foreigners law in Turkey. Foreigners’ law regulates the fundamental rights of foreigners, such as work, education, health services, and property ownership. This branch of law determines the processes of granting work and residence permits to foreigners and defines the legal status of foreigners. In addition, it is obvious that foreigners living and acquiring property in Turkey need a wide range of legal services. 

Foreigners invest in Turkey in various ways. The main ones are investment by purchasing real estate and investment by establishing a company. Since it is the junction point of Asia and Europe, investing in Turkey is a very attractive option for many investors. Investors want a foreign investment law firm to carry out these processes.

It is of great importance that all these legal processes are carried out by lawyers who are experts in their fields.

Our foreign investment law firm provides all kinds of legal services that foreigners need in a holistic manner. 

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Turkey stands out with its strategic location, large domestic market, strong economy, competitive business environment, and investment opportunities in various sectors. In addition, the government’s incentive policies and support for investors are also among the advantages.

The documents required to invest in Turkey vary according to the type of investment. Generally, when establishing a company, acquiring property, or applying for a project, the required documents may include a trade registry, tax number, project documents, and documents showing the financing of the investment.

The steps to establishing a company in Turkey can be summarized as follows: trade registry registration, tax registration and preparation of an opening declaration drafting the company’s articles of association, working with an authorized accountant, and more. We recommend you consult a lawyer for further information.

The advantages of investing in real estate in Turkey include a stable real estate market, strategic location, variety of real estate options, rental income, and incentives offered by the Turkish government to foreign investors.

Turkey offers various incentives to foreign investors. These incentives include advantages such as tax reductions and customs exemption. For detailed information, it is recommended to seek consultancy regarding the investment to be made.

The return on investment varies depending on the sector, size and circumstances. Generally, investments in Turkey are expected to yield returns within a few years.

Like any investment, investing in Turkey involves certain risks. These risks may include economic fluctuations, changes in exchange rates, political uncertainties and sector-specific risks.