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Health Law

Health Law

Due to the complexity and rapidly changing nature of the healthcare system, it is crucial for healthcare organizations and companies to stay up to date with legal aspects. It is indispensable to act in accordance with the legislation in order to provide the proper legal framework in the relations between healthcare providers, healthcare professionals, and patients and to protect the rights of all parties. Our firm offers both corporate and individual legal services in the field of health law and follows up all kinds of legal processes with devotion. 

Some Services We Provide in the Field of Health Law: 

  • Corporate consultancy in the field of health law for companies providing health services, 
  • Preparation of contracts for health services, 
  • Providing KVKK compliance projects for companies providing health services, 
  • Carrying out the necessary license applications and legal processes to provide health services, 
  • Preparation and follow-up of medical malpractice cases, 
  • Follow-up of criminal cases against physicians. 
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Randevu Talebi