Litigation Cases

Civil Litigation Cases

The field of law that regulates the relations between members of society who have equal rights is called private law. Therefore, private law is the law between natural persons and private legal entities. In this context, disputes between natural persons, disputes between private legal entities, and disputes between natural persons and private legal entities are resolved within the scope of private law. In addition, the business relations of state-owned commercial enterprises with individuals may also fall under private law. Civil litigation cases may arise between these real and legal persons.

The main laws regulating private law in Turkey are the Civil Code No. 4721, the Code of Obligations No. 6098, and the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102.

In case of private law disputes, the judicial authorities, as a higher authority, provide the resolution of disputes between private law persons. For this purpose, private law persons must file a private law action. Private law action and civil action are synonymous.

The courts where private law cases are heard in our law are as follows:  

  • Family Courts
  • Civil Courts of First Instance
  • Commercial Courts of First Instance
  • Intellectual and Industrial Rights
  • Civil Court of Peace
  • Labor Courts
  • Enforcement Law Courts
  • Cadastral Courts
  • Consumer Courts

The following cases can be listed as the main civil litigation cases that can be filed in private law courts:

SLC Law Firm, with its expert lawyers, prepares and follows up on all kinds of civil litigation cases with devotion, not limited to the cases listed above.

Criminal Litigation Cases

Criminal law is the branch of law that regulates the unlawful acts that constitute crimes according to the criminal legislation and the sanctions related to these acts. The primary purpose of criminal law is to ensure the rule of law and social peace.

The courts where criminal litigation cases are heard in Turkish law are as follows:

  • Assize Criminal Courts
  • Criminal Courts of First Instance
  • Juvenile Courts
  • Juvenile Assize Criminal Courts
  • Intellectual and Industrial Property Criminal Courts
  • District Criminal Court

The following cases can be listed as the leading cases to be heard in criminal law courts:

  • Defamation Cases
  • Fraud Cases
  • Theft and Extortion Cases
  • Intentional Human Injury Cases
  • Intentional Homicide Cases
  • Negligent Human Injury Cases
  • Negligent Homicide Cases
  • Cases Related to the Offense of Selling Drugs
  • Cases Related to the Offense of Possession and Use of Drugs
  • Cases Regarding Blackmail and Threats
  • Cases Restricting the Freedom of Persons and Disturbing Peace and Tranquility
  • Cases Filed on the Grounds of Violation of Residential Immunity
  • Cases Related to the Crimes of Gambling and Providing a Place for Gambling
  • Cases Related to Forgery of Signature and Seal
  • Cases Related to the Crime of Environmental Pollution
  • Defamation Cases
  • Cases Related to the Crime of Zoning Pollution
  • Property Damage Cases

SLC Law Firm provides legal services to you in the investigation and prosecution phases of criminal litigation cases with its expert lawyers.

You can contact us for detailed information.

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