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Maritime Law

Maritime Law

Merchant ship is the name given to ships allocated to provide economic benefits on the water or used for such a purpose. Maritime trade law refers to all national and international rules that regulate the navigation of merchant ships at sea, the loading and unloading of commercial goods, and all kinds of legal transactions and actions related to the trade they carry out. Our company provides consultancy and litigation services to companies engaged in maritime trade with its expert staff. 

Some Services We Provide in the Field of Maritime Law: 

  • Ship registration and abandonment procedures, 
  • Collection service for seafarers’ receivables, 
  • Fuel receivables collection service, 
  • Service to receive a dismissal decision, 
  • Drafting of charter party agreements and other legal texts, 
  • Dispute resolution service, 
  • Rescue and assistance disputes, 
  • Preparation of ship and yacht construction contracts. 
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Randevu Talebi