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Tax Law

Tax Law

Tax law is a branch of law that includes rules regulating the tax system in order to provide state revenues and finance public services. In this context, Tax Law regulates the rights and obligations of taxpayers. Violation of Tax Law regulations can have serious consequences. For this reason, it is essential to obtain legal consultancy services from an expert law firm in the field of taxation. 

Our firm, with its expert staff, provides all kinds of services needed in the field of tax law. 

Some Services We Provide in the Field of Tax Law: 

  • Execution of the legal process for the cancellation of all kinds of tax and penalty notices, 
  • Filing an annulment lawsuit against tax assessment and tax penalty and follow-up of the process, 
  • Follow-up of criminal cases filed for tax loss offenses, 
  • Execution of tax reconciliation processes, 
  • Carrying out the appeal process against the decisions of the appraisal and amendment commissions, 
  • Execution of the objection process to the payment order sent regarding the tax, 
  • Execution of tax depreciation deduction processes, 
  • Carrying out the necessary legal processes for the correction of accounting errors and taxation errors, 
  • Preparation and follow-up of all kinds of tax annulment lawsuits, especially VAT, filed with the allegation of issuing or using false and/or misleading documents, 
  • Preparation and follow-up of the annulment lawsuit processes regarding VAT assessments made due to failure to submit books and documents for examination, 
  • Preparation of inheritance and gift tax declaration and process follow-up, 
  • Issuing tax identification numbers to foreigners. 
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Randevu Talebi