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According to TurkStat data, over 100,000 houses are sold monthly in Turkey, on average. The real estate sector, one of the fastest growing sectors in Turkey for decades, has been developing and changing rapidly in recent years in parallel with the interest of foreigners in Turkey and the housing sector in Turkey. This development and change bring many legal problems to the real estate market. Many unfulfilled commitments, particularly projects not completed within the promised timeframe and projects completed defectively, may result in litigation in the ordinary course of life. In order to avoid litigation, it is of utmost importance that all kinds of real estate law contracts are drafted correctly and meticulously and that the rights and responsibilities of the parties are foreseeable and clearly defined. 

In the event that real estate law disputes are referred to the judiciary, it is of great importance to follow these processes through an expert real estate lawyer. Our company, with its expert staff in the field, provides legal support to you in the field of real estate law with all kinds of disputes that may arise and pre-litigation consultancy services. 

Some Services We Provide in the Field of Real Estate Law: 

  • Title deed cancellation case, registration procedures, and execution of litigation processes, 
  • Managing disputes arising from prepaid housing sales contracts and conducting litigation processes, 
  • Preparation, filing, and prosecution of actions for the prohibition of intervention, 
  • Preparation of contracts for real estate sales promises, construction in return for flats and other real estate constructions, 
  • Resolution of disputes arising from real estate sales promises, construction in return for flats and other real estate construction contracts, 
  • Ensuring safe real estate sales transactions, 
  • Execution of legal processes related to timeshare properties 
  • Execution of appropriation and expropriation lawsuits, 
  • Execution of the legal aspects of urban transformation processes, 
  • Execution of legal seizure litigation processes, 
  • Consultancy and process follow-up on property acquisition by foreigners, 
  • Preparing real estate lease agreements and following up on all kinds of lease law processes. 
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